The Barringer Crater Company is a family-owned enterprise dedicated to the preservation and promotion of the Barringer Meteorite Crater, located near Flagstaff, Arizona.

D. Moreau Barringer, founder of the Barringer Crater Company.

D. Moreau Barringer, founder of the Barringer Crater Company.

Founded by D. Moreau Barringer in 1903, the Barringer Crater Company continues to promote its founder’s abiding interest in the events surrounding the creation of the Crater. Barringer’s descendants, now in their fourth generation, own and operate the company under the same guiding principles which he so strongly advocated. In keeping with his wishes, the company operates as a privately held business, with each of eight branches of his family represented on the board of directors.

The fundamental purpose of the company is the preservation of the Crater as a memorial to the pioneering scientific work of its founder. Recognizing that the Crater is a unique natural landmark of great scientific importance, strong public interest, and significant educational value, it is the company’s long-held policy to maintain the property in as nearly a natural state as possible and to ensure appropriate and controlled access to it by the general public. The company also is committed to making the Crater available to the scientific community for ongoing research and field study.

In addition to maintaining the Crater itself, the Barringer Crater Company has a strong interest in encouraging and supporting scientific exploration and research within the field of meteoritics, particularly in the area of impact phenomena. Each year the company provides modest research grants to scientists around the world to assist them in conducting essential field work and sponsors a limited number of doctoral students in attending international scientific meetings and seminars. In 1982, the company established an endowed award program known as the Barringer Medal to recognize outstanding scientific achievement in the field of impact cratering.

The Barringer Crater Company has an ongoing interest in promoting scientific education about the Crater and its story. The company believes that through its stewardship of the Crater, both the general public and the scientific community will benefit from the educational and scientific value of this unique and fascinating natural phenomenon.