NASA Research Field Camp


In 2010 the Crater Company’s senior scientific advisor, Dr. David Kring, secured funding from NASA to hold a week-long research field camp at the crater.

More than 50 graduate and post-doctoral students from the US, Canada and Europe applied for the 25 spaces available. The intent of this week-long “camp” was to provide an opportunity for these students to have an intensive fieldwork experience at a meteorite impact site so that they would become more knowledgeable about the unique features such a site presents.

NASA’s interest in supporting the camp is to educate a new cadre of young scientists about impact cratering. Many of NASA’s senior scientists with knowledge of impact cratering here on earth and elsewhere in the solar system are retiring and with the agency’s future intentions for space exploration they will need new scientists to replace them. Several important research papers are expected to come out of the fieldwork done by these students.