Teacher Resources

The following educational modules use the story and scientific context of the Barringer Meteorite Crater as the basis for  as an integrated STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) curriculum for use in middle-school classrooms.

The modules outline a set of inquiry-based activities for studying impact craters. Each lesson plan includes a combination of online content, downloadable Discovery Activities for classroom use, and links to external online resources.

Each educational module is designed to meet specific National Science Standards, Project 2061 Benchmarks for Science Literacy, and National Educational Technology Standards; the relevant standards are listed at the end of each page.

Educational Modules

Module 1: Think Like a Scientist
This module uses the story of the scientific debate surrounding the Barringer Meteorite Crater’s origin to help explain the process of science and encourage students to consider different viewpoints and evidence.

Module 2: What Does an Impact Look Like 
This module explains the impact process, using the Barringer Meteorite Crater as an example, and discusses how scientists use models and simulations to understand impacts.

Module 3: How Craters Are Formed
This module outlines how craters are formed, both on Earth and on other planets, and identifies the clues scientists use to understand the origin of different craters.

Module 4: Finding the Evidence
This module discusses the geological evidence for a meteoritic impact at the Barringer Meteorite Crater.

Module 5: Make Your Own Discoveries
This module offers topics for student research projects in the field of impact craters, including scientific challenges and current areas of research.

Module 6: Engineering & Design Challenges
This module includes STEM-based design challenges constructed to encourage creativity, asking students to invent or create an original product or a scientific mission.